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Was this tricky – getting your story summary into so few words?

Another problem you may have had was using the present tense. It is the correct convention to summarise literature in the present, as if actions that take place within the covers of a book or script are always somehow ‘now’. Finally, if you had trouble putting the plot down, it may be that your plot itself is faulty. Is there a natural, logical progression of events? Are the characters’ actions and motives believable? Do you need to rework your storyline?


Afrikaanse vertaling:

Was dit moeilik om jou storie in so min woorde op te som?

‘n Ander probleem wat jy mag ervaar het, is dat jy die teenwoordige tyd gebruik het. Dit is die korrekte gebruik om literatuur in die teenwoordige tyd op te som, asof die gebeure wat binne die omslag van ‘n boek plaasvind, om een of ander rede “nou” is. Ten slotte, as jy ‘n probleem ervaar het om die intrige te laat plaasvind, kan die intrige self dalk foutief wees. Is daar ‘n natuurlike, logiese opeenvolging van gebeure? Is die karakters se optrede en motiewe oortuigend?Moet jy jou storielyn anders aanpak?


With the required information, we can write an article for your magazine or newspaper prior to printing demands.  Copywriting is about knowing and feeling what the client wants. It is about understanding and living in the world of the client. It is about the clients’ knowledge he/she wants in written words/designs so that people who read it, can understand what the business is all about.
Tccncopywriters prepare letters, contents of webpages, brochures, e-mail, flyers, etc., etc.

    • Copywriting is marketing at its best.

Tccncopywriters lead people to the right address. We are the link between the businessman and his/her client.

  • Copywriting cover a wide variety of media such as television, radio, magazines, brochures, direct mail, etc.
  • Notwithstanding excellent investigation skills, we also use our creative flair to keep our ideas active and our clients satisfied.
  • We can reach you anywhere in the world.
  • We provide the written part while our graphic designers do the visual part.
  • We do not neglect the humor part in our daily work.
  • We contact everyone on your behalf if you wish: Copywriters, editors, proofreaders, translators, designers, web designers, typesetters and printers. We also provide corporate gifts.